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The service tenet of Mosvo Technology is "Customer First". We have established a complete after-sales service system and strict management system, so that customers' after-sales service can be effectively guaranteed. Ensure that every customer's needs can be responded to in a timely and effective manner after equipment failures, and equipment repairs can be completed.

1. Service target: Mosvo products sold through the company's public channels.

2. Warranty period: For our company’s products, within one year from the date of sale (if the customer can’t provide proof of the actual sales date, we will calculate the warranty period based on the product’s date of manufacture). If there is a product failure, we can provide the customer Provide free maintenance services.

3. Service acceptance criteria: Mosvo guarantees that its products meet the functions, technical specifications and indicators promised in the manual. We do not have the right to support the technical problems of third-party accessories, please understand from customers and friends.

4. Maintenance cycle: We generally need 7 working days (excluding the time during transportation) for maintenance. For faults that cannot be repaired in a short period of time due to special reasons, we will separately confirm the maintenance cycle with the customer as appropriate.